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Blue Sky Clayworks Tea Light Tart Warmers

Our Blue Sky Clayworks tea light style tart warmers are made using high quality ceramic.  Each warmer is hand-painted in adorable country detail. Warmers have a glazed finish inside and out.

Complete package includes care and use instructions, 8 of our hand-poured unscented tea light warming candles, and 6 of our hand-poured, highly scented wax tarts in your choice of fragrances. 

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Blue Sky Honey Pot T L Tart Warmer

Honey Pot by Blue Sky Clayworks

$16.00 (2)

Choose Fragrance

Blackberry Jam by Blue Sky Clayworks

$16.00 (2)

Choose Fragrance


Blueberry Jam by Blue Sky Clayworks

$16.00 (4)

Choose Fragrance

Strawberry Jam by Blue Sky Clayworks

$16.00 (3)

Choose Fragrance



Tea Light Essential Oil Warmer

Tea Light Essential Oil Warmer

$16.00 (6) Choose Fragrance

Complete package includes one ounce of essential oil in your choice of fragrance and 8 tea light warming candles.



**NEW** Clean Burning Votive Candles

Clean Burning Votive Candles

No Soot, No Smoke!! Just clean fragrance and a beautiful burn from start to finish. Great option for those who have smoke allergies or those sensitive to regular candles. Burn time 15 hours. Color will vary depending on the fragrance chosen.

Package of 4 Clean Burning Votive Candles $9.50 Choose Fragrance



Fragrant Confections™ Chocolate Truffle Wax Tarts

Scents include:

Dark Chocolate Espresso, Irish Cream Liquor, Rich Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut Cream, Amaretto Liquor, Chocolate Raspberry Dream


Our gourmet Fragrant Confections™ chocolate truffle tarts smell just like the real thing but without any of the guilt.

Each hand-poured chocolate truffle wax tart weighs one ounce and comes exquisitely packaged in a clear box tied with a stretchy gold cord.

Package of 4 (all one scent) $6.95 each


Electric candles

Electric candles are perfect for those who cannot burn traditional candles. Our grubby electric candles provide a beautiful candlelight ambiance without the open flame. Even though our candles do not have a flame the light bulb provides just enough heat to release the aroma without melting the surrounding wax. The silicone dipped bulb also provides a soft glow giving the look of a traditional burning candle. Flicker bulbs can also be used in our candles to enhance the look of a real burning candle.

Our electric candles come complete with light kit with on/off switch built into the cord, a silicone dipped bulb, and a rusty tin display plate. Everything is cello wrapped as a package and tied with a homespun.



Our Americana electric candle is super grubby with red and white wax over a base of light brown wax and hugged with blue and white homespun then decorated with a large rusty metal star. Candle is 3.5" tall by 4.5" wide.

Available in all of our fragrances.

Americana electric candle


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