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Brown Bag Candles now has sliceable bakery items. You asked for it and we did it! Sliceable wax is our own custom blended wax designed to hold a large amount of fragrance yet have the ease of slicing. Our unique wax blend allows the item to maintain it's shape yet be soft enough to slice off portions to fit your warmer bowl.

Banana Nut Bread Trio

Banana Nut Bread Trio

Our Banana Nut bread Trio is triple scented with a yummy freshly baked Banana Nut Bread fragrance. Package includes 1 large banana bread triple wicked and packaged in a tin liner, plus 2 petit sliceable bread tarts. All 3 breads are shrink wrapped and tied with homespun fabric as pictured. (fabric color/pattern may vary from pattern in the photo).

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Mini-Muffin Wax Melts/Tarts

You are sure to enjoy the home-baked, mouth watering fragrances of our Mini-Muffin wax melts. Everyone will think you've been baking all day!! Each triple scented Mini-Muffin melt is hand-poured the "old fashioned" way... with lots of love. Each mini-muffin weighs approximately 1 ounce and will fit comfortably in most tea light or electric tart warming units.

Mini-Muffins are packaged in a window bakery box and tied with a homespun ribbon.


Banana Nut Bread Mini-Muffins

Banana Nut Bread Mini-Muffin

Set of 6 ~ $7.00

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Cherry Crumb Mini-Muffin

Cherry Crumb Mini-Muffin

Set of 6 ~ $7.00

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Blueberry Mini Muffins

Grandma Jo's Blueberry Mini-Muffin

Set of 6 ~ $7.00

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Orange Creamsickle Mini Muffins

Orange Creamsickle Cake Mini-Muffin

Set of 6 ~ $7.00

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Wild Raspberry Mini Muffin

Wild Raspberry Delight Mini-Muffin

Set of 6 ~ $7.00

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Lemon Pound Cake Mini Muffins

Tangy Lemon Pound Cake Mini-Muffin

Set of 6 ~ $7.00

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Mini-Muffin assortment packs* are available for $7.00 each

*Assortment pack includes one muffin in each Mini-Muffin fragrance.

Gingerbread Men Tarts

Gingerbread Cookie Melts/Tarts


Our adorable Gingerbread Cookie tarts are nicely detailed and triple-scented with our Warm Gingerbread fragrance. Cookies are packaged in a clear cello bag.

Our Gingerbread Cookie tarts are available all year long.

6 oz. Gingerbread Cookies $7.50

Cinnamon Sticky Roll w/Tarts

Sticky Roll with Tarts & Coffee

Our Cinnamon Sitcky Roll set includes one of our large sliceable cinnamon buns topped with life-like pecan halves and smothered with a maple-brown sugar scented glaze and 4 smaller cinnamon bun tarts topped with a pecan half and maple-brown sugar scented glaze. And to compliment the package we've even added an extra large votive candle scented with Cappuccino Brule fragrance.

Each item is individually shrink wrapped before packing.

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8 Ounce Pie in a Jar

Pie in a Jar top view

Pie in a Jar™ Candle

Our Pie in a Jar candles are available in six delicious fragrances; Apple Pie, Blackberry Pie, Blueberry Pie, Boysenberry Pie, Cherry Pie and Peach Pie, Homemade Pumpkin Pie.

Made just like a real pie, each candle contains life-like scented fruit embeds smothered in scented pie filling then topped off with a primitive pie crust scented with Granny's Pie Crust.

Pie in a Jarcandles are available in two sizes:

16 oz. Mason $12.00 Choose Fragrance

8 oz. Jelly Jar $9.00 Choose Fragrance

Brown Bag Candles

Cinnamon Bun Cluster

Iced Cinnamon Bun Cluster Tarts/Melts




Our sliceable Iced Cinnamon Bun Cluster tarts are triple-scented with a rich Cinnamon Bun fragrance then drizzled with a yummy Vanilla Nut topping. Each cinnamon bun weighs nearly 2 ounces.

Iced Cinnamon Buns are individually shirnk wrapped and then packaged in a brown gift box tied with a homespun ribbon.

Package includes 6 of our Iced Cinnamon Bun Cluster tarts.

$10.00 Cart

Our Life-Sized Grubby Muffin tarts are sure to please even the pickiest pallet. Each muffin weighs in at three ounces and is available in 9 delicious muffin fragrances.

$3.25 each Choose Fragrance

Old Fashion Banana Pudding Candle

Brown Bag Candles Old Fashion Banana Pudding Crock Candle

A Brown Bag Candles original.

Our Banana Pudding crock candle contains three delicious fragrances Ripe Bananas, Banana Pudding and Vanilla Wafers. When this candle burns all three fragrances combine and produce the awesome aroma of old fashion banana pudding like Grandma used to make.

$12.00 Add to Cart

Banana Bread Crock Candle


Our grubby Banana Nut Bread crock candle looks and smells just like the real thing. This life like candle is triple-scented with our Blue Ribbon Banana Nut Bread fragrance then spooned into an adroable miniature ceramic bread crock. Finishing touches include life-like walnuts and tied with a complementing homespun fabric.

Burning or not you are sure to enjoy the home-baked aroma of this candle.

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